Kingstown Associates provides an efficient and flexible multi-channel fulfilment service tailored to your specific requirements.
Kingstown Associates. Services. Fulfilment. A man looking at an ipad in a warehouse.

Fulfilment Centres

Our centres have the fantastic capability of dispatching over 300,000 parcels per year.

We can offer your business:

Modern warehouse complex that dispatches every day of the week
Elucid order fulfilment
Full inventory traceability
Capacity to pick & pack large volumes of stock
Seamless integration with your Website and/or Back Office

Low-Cost Start-Up Package

Kingstown Associates tailor our packages to suit your requirements and have a Low-cost start-up package available.
Kingstown Associates. Service. Fulfilment. A man on a fork lift moving a palette of options.
Kingstown Associates. Services. Fulfilment. A man pulling a cart full of boxes across a warehouse.

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About Our Company

We are a leading UK Mail Order Company based in East Yorkshire, owning several lifestyle brands, predominantly aimed at the over 60's.